Sunday, 7 September 2014


So in August I went to Amsterdam which was super exciting! Unfortunately my brothers don't share my views on museums and galleries so I didn't visit many, but I did manage to get to the Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Maritime Museum and also the Arcam Architecture Expo building.

Here's a few photos I took on the trip!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What happened?

Baking used to be the focus of this blog and as much as I love to bake, I just don't have the time anymore. With all the stress of exams I unintentionally abandoned my blog and lost motivation to resume blogging, something I'm not proud of but it couldn't be helped.
With exams finally over I've had a lot more room in my head to think about blogging and my interest has been re-kindled.
I'm hoping to publish lifestyle-y posts and  create something like an extension of my mind; a place where I can share my thoughts with people who want to read them. Over the next few months this blog may be all over the place while I discover what I want to post so bear with! 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Coconut Cake

A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without cake, so for my friend's birthday in August I made a nice light and summery coconut and vanilla cake! With so much keeping me busy at the moment (ie. A levels) I haven't had time to publish this until now :(

Months and months ago I saw this recipe online and ever since I have been dying to make it. It looked so beautiful when she made it and I highly recommend giving it a go. Coconut is one of my favorite flavours and I love it in everything from cakes to curries!
Obviously I didn't get to take a photo of the inside but I made four layers of sponge and used pink food colouring to make them a pale pink which looked really pretty layered with the white frosting. I couldn't quite get the hang of the coconut frosting from the original recipe so I threw together a fluffy coconut buttercream instead which tasted amazing. The coconut seemed to cut through the butter in the frosting and made it really light.


I decorated the cake with pink rosebuds and gypsophila which fit with the pink theme! Gyp is probably now one of my all time favourite flowers. I think they'd make a great addition to a wedding bouquet or any sort of summer/ spring floral arrangement. The bright pink of the rosebuds looks really pretty next to the coconut and I think this cake is really easy to decorate. Its pretty neutral so goes with any kind of flower or berries or anything you fancy I guess! A pretty cluster of blueberries and redcurrants would look really pretty, or some lavender. Recently I've really started getting into flowers, I love walking into my bedroom and seeing a bunch of flowers on my table. The only problem is that I'm really bad at keeping them alive, when I was 11 I somehow managed to kill my cactus by under watering it. I under watered a cactus. But I'm trying! So far I have a pretty bunch of flowers in my room that I've kept alive for almost a week... Its a start! Maybe I should get some Miracle-Gro... I also have an obsession with lavender. I bought some lavender fragrance oil for my oil burner and it smells amazing. I've found that lavender is a scent that people either really love or really hate. Personally I love it and the scent is really soothing and helps me to sleep. To see the full extent of my lavender obsession, check out my board on pinterest!

If you're planning on making this cake then I'd suggest locating some shredded coconut before you buy the other ingredients; we searched all over the county for shredded coconut because dessicated just isn't right. You would think it'd be an easy enough ingredient to find, but it seems that Britain really doesn't sell much of it! Yet another disadvantage of British supermarkets. In the end I found a Chinese supermarket in Milton Keynes which sold frozen blocks of shredded coconut. Britain needs American food shops! I'm sure if you also live in Britain you share my pain...
I really hope I have convinced you guys to try making this cake; its so simple and relatively easy to make but looks so fresh. If you give it a go, I'd suggest trying the original frosting recipe. However if, like me and aren't very experienced in the frosting department, then whip up some thick buttercream with butter and icing sugar and then slowly add coconut milk until you obtain the desired consistency- it should be smooth but solid enough to hold its shape around the cake without sliding around everywhere and making a mess.